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Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis? "Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders." (International Institute of Business Analysis)

What Do You Do? I solve complex problems by connecting the dots. Every organization has business, marketing, communications and technology goals. I align these goals from the business' perspective. I use my background and education in communications and my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to do this.

Your mechanic aligns your car. Afterward, you car doesn't drift, the steering wheel no longer vibrates, and you're driving in a straight line. This is what I do for businesses.

Why Should We Work Together? If you're dedicated to improving then we'll get along just fine. I look for opportunities to learn, teach and grow. From a digital strategy viewpoint I take the holistic approach by identifying what works, what doesn't, and providing solutions on how to fix it for the long-term.

Business Analysis Thought

Business Analysis Philosophy

The philosophy you follow dictates your approach to action.


Business Analysis Content

Business Analysis Strategy


Strategy, planning, and analysis are at the heart of business analysis.

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Business Analysis Work

Business Analysis Work

Lean Six Sigma. There's no substitute for experience.

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