• Solutions Architect - Johann Lohrmann

    Enabling change through solid solutions.

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  • Solutions Architect - Strategy

    Identify the goals, know the industry and the business, perform the strategic evaluation, identify critical issues. Get to work. Read More
  • The Environment

    How close do you sit to the cradle of innovation? Living in a creative environment pushes you to world class. Don't settle. Grow. Read More
  • The Technical Tools

    Knowing what tools to use, when to use them, and how to use them determines success or failure. The tools you use truly matter. Read More
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Solutions Architect

Planning, organizing, and deploying projects.



Organizing and building e-commerce sites using Magento.


Google Analytics

Identifying and analyzing the numbers behind the site.


Image Library

Building, developing, and deploying image and video libraries.


User Stories and Use Case Scenarios

  • Before you begin a build you must know the requirements. Even if it seems like a simple process, always get your requirements first. Read More
  • What you build will directly impact the lives of your customers. Build with them in mind to build something far greater than yourself. Read More
  • A good Solutions Architect knows how his clients make their money. Draw a direct line from your client to their customer to better serve your client. Read More
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Popular This Week

  • Easily add social buttons, such as Facebook and Twitter Read More
  • Utilize built-in HTML5 canvas and Chart.js graphs and charts Read More
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