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Business Analysis | Johann Lohrmann

Thinking. Learning. Connecting. Understanding. Seeing patterns. Solving problems. This is what a business analyst does. This is what I do.

Core Competencies
Requirements Gathering, Documentation, Process Improvement, Project Mapping, Data Analysis, Project Management, Budgeting, Research, Optimization Modeling, Development Lifecycle, CMS, BA Communications, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Agile


Business Analyst Johann Lohrmann Project Management Johann Lohrmann Search Test Strategic Development Johann Lohrmann Technical Skills Johann Lohrmann

Business Analysis

Project Management 


Strategic Development 

Technical Skills

✓  Stakeholder Liaison ✓  Client Representative ✓  Customer Investment ✓  Organizational Planning  ✓  CMS, Joomla
✓  Agile, Lean Six Sigma ✓  Gantt, Viseo, Tableau ✓  Boolean, Database ✓  Pipeline, Alliances, Sales  ✓  HTML, Ecommerce
✓  Deliver on Time ✓  Manage Efficiency ✓  Deeper Understanding ✓  Achieving Goals  ✓  SEO/Analytics

Business Analysis | Johann Lohrmann

Every organization has business, marketing, communications and technology goals. Johann Lohrmann solves complex problems by aligning these goals from the business' perspective. He uses his background and education in communications, his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, and his work within an Agile environment to do this.

Johann Lohrmann takes the holistic approach by identifying what works, what doesn't, and providing solutions on how to fix it for the long-term.

He is a seasoned business analyst with experience in eliciting, analyzing, budgeting, documenting, and managing the requirements for business processes, applications, systems, and data in an Agile environment. He has diverse professional experience across multiple organizations. Johann is proficient in French and holds BA in Communications from Ashford University and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Purdue University.